Who can you go to when your phone starts misbehaving? Most people would pester the device maker or carrier, but maybe Google could be of some assistance. The official Android Twitter account now promises to answer questions on the social network tagged with #AndroidHelp. Naturally, people are using it to complain about updates.

The tweet announcing the new support option doesn't include any details, but it is a tweet. Still, it might have been nice to know how much help we can realistically expect on Twitter.

Thus far, the Android account hasn't answered any tagged questions, and it's not clear how many can even expect an answer. The tag is already picking up ample complaints about updates on specific phone models, which is something over which Google has no control. Just digging through the hashtag to find legitimate questions could be a full-time job.

Google has a reputation for being unfocused as it zooms from project to project, leaving last week's priority to languish until it needs to be revamped or shut down. Offering Android support on Twitter seems like something that will fall through the cracks sooner rather than later, but I'd love to be wrong about that.