Digital assistants are at their best when you don't need to go out of your way to get their help. Google is working on a new feature that'll make its own Assistant much handier in Chrome OS, and you can try it out today on the Canary channel.

Called "quick answers," the feature surfaces information about certain text in the right click (or two-finger tap) menu. You'll be able to see things like answers to questions, term definitions, and unit conversions without opening a new app or tab.

Image: Chrome Unboxed

The flag to enable quick answers has been present in Chrome OS Canary for a while, but it's only started working as of Canary 81. If you're on the newest Canary version (you brave soul), you can try the quick answers out right now by navigating to chrome://flags/#enable-quick-answers and toggling the feature on. If you're running on a more stable channel, you'll still have to wait a spell.