Plenty of folks are pretty excited about the new WhatsApp dark mode, which landed in a beta release earlier this week. Between that news and other recent discussions in the ol' comment section, we've had messaging on our mind here at Android Police for a while now. For this week's poll, we're curious to know which apps you use for messaging.

It's not a simple question, there are a lot of different messaging apps out there, with services and protocols waxing and waning in popularity over time. You can even still use ICQ on your Android phone if you really want to — and I would bet actual money that Stephen does.

Outside the US, WhatsApp is ubiquitous, with almost everyone using it, even if they'd prefer not to. But here in the 'states, iMessage is sadly king, and an Apple-exclusive, much to our Android-using chagrin. Other services like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Discord, and Telegram can plug the gap, and there's also the ever-available SMS (now RCS, for some of us) that we just can't seem to shake. Some folks, including me, are probably still even using Hangouts.

We've been curious about the subject for a while now, and this week we're asking: Which messaging apps do you use? Feel free to select all that apply if you use more than one — most of us probably do — and chime in further down in the comments if you're using something that isn't listed.

Which messaging apps do you use?

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