Arlo Cameras are amongst the most popular ones on the market, mainly thanks to the advanced features they offer. Unfortunately, some improvements released over time require you to buy new cameras, as the new upgrades require new hardware. A good example is the Arlo Pro 3, which featured a higher resolution than its predecessor, but wasn't compatible with the Pro 2's base station. This meant you needed to buy a whole new kit if you wanted to enjoy the new camera's features. Thankfully, Arlo CEO Matthew McRae announced the company is fixing this issue as it's bringing backward compatibility to its base stations.

The executive shared the news on Twitter, mentioning Arlo Pro 3 and Ultra cameras can now work with existing Pro 2 and older hubs, meaning you can use them without having to replace your existing base station. This is particularly useful if you just need an extra camera, as you can buy a spare one without changing your setup. In fact, the cameras are now compatible with several older base stations, but you may not be able to stream 2K video or enjoy advanced features such as Auto Zoom and Tracking, depending on which one you already own.

Check out the link below to find out whether the Pro 3 and Ultra cameras can work with your base station, and whether it will be able to fully support the functionality and resolution you need.