It's never too late to shed that winter belly, and what better way to start doing it than with a little extra help? Garmin has you covered, with its Vivofit 4 fitness tracker. You can grab one for $20 off at just $60 on Amazon to start working on your beach bod.

Unlike most activity trackers, the Vivofit 4 features an always-on color display, which you can customize to see what's relevant to you at a glance. Its coin cell battery gives it an impressive one-year battery life, which means you'll never have to charge it again. In fact, when it runs out, you'll have to replace the battery with a new one.

The Vivofit 4 is your partner in crime to track your steps and sleep and is fully waterproof, so you can take it with you to the pool or shower. You won't have to tell it when you're about to exercise, as it can automatically detect activity and even classify it without your input.

Both regular and large sizes are marked down on Amazon, with Black, White, and Black Speckle colors available.