Magisk, the popular root solution, is testing an updated interface for its Magisk Manager app's latest Canary release. It's a pretty drastic redesign, and developer John Wu is clear that this isn't the final look, but we can expect a focus on  "functionality over aesthetics." John Wu has also announced that the developer who did the new redesign will be the "main" maintainer for the app (but presumably not Magisk itself) in the future.

UI redesign, shown off by Magisk developer John Wu.

The Canary release changelog calls this a "Material Design 2.0" look. While that's probably not the most accurate description, it is a stark change from Magisk Manager's previous, increasingly dated layout. This new version features snappy adaptive animation transitions between parts of the UI and a generally more modern look. John Wu does note that there are some usability issues with this first new UI test, but they should be fixed in the future.

Interested parties can download the latest canary release, which includes these UI changes, over at the Magisk Canary XDA thread.

John Wu has also revealed that he's handing the reigns for the Magisk Manager app to another developer, @diareuse, who is himself responsible for the redesign. Someday, @diareuse will take over as the lead maintainer for the app, though it sounds like John Wu will continue to provide his input. Before you get worried, Wu assures us that he will continue to lead the development effort for Magisk itself — the root solution, not the separate root management Magisk Manager app.