Twitter has had a long night after releasing a bugged-out update for its Android app. We have the details on that small saga as well as a fix that's rolling out right now.

v8.28.1 fix

Hours ago, Twitter distributed a patched update with version number 8.28.1. We downloaded this one to a phone with an older Twitter client and found it to work — no crashes at all. Refresh your Play Store listings and give your app an update.

The original story follows.

Hold off updating your Twitter app — Android users have been reporting crashes when attempting to launch with stable release v8.28.

The Twitter Support account has acknowledged the issue and has cautioned people against updating the app.

If you're not on the latest version, you should probably temporarily prohibit the Play Store from auto-updating Twitter. Head to the app's listing page on the store, then tap the three-dot menu at the top-right corner and deselect the Enable auto-update item.

However, if you have found yourself stuck with v8.28, we have verified and can advise two solutions:

  1. Pull up the app info page for your Twitter app (long press the icon, tap on the ⓘ symbol), tap Storage & Cache, then clear the app's data and cache. The app should launch and run as normal.
  2. You can uninstall the app, then download version 8.24.1 from APK Mirror.