For a company less than ten years old, Anker already produces a dizzying array of reliable yet affordable products. Among its growing list of brands is Eufy, a subsidiary devoted to expanding Anker's product lineup to include many smart-home devices. Today only, you can save big on either the Eufy RoboVac 30C ($130 off with coupon) or the Eufy RoboVac 12 ($110 off with coupon) robot vacuums during Amazon's latest Deal of the Day promotion.

Both the RoboVac 12 and RoboVac 30C are compatible with the Google Assistant or Alexa voice assistants and can muster up a maximum of 1500 Pascals of suction force, which should help them keep your carpets even cleaner. While neither of these vacuums comes equipped with the intelligent household mapping features found on more expensive models, the 30C does offer a slightly less elegant solution to potential navigation issues. Eufy has included boundary strips with this model that, once placed, can keep it focused on your chosen high-traffic areas.

To ensure maximum savings, make sure to enable the $10 coupon on either vacuum's Amazon listing. Considering that this discount is part of the Deal of the Day, time is limited if you're interested in picking either of these up.

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