There's been a ton of buzz around Motorola's reimagining of the iconic Razr — so much so that they had to push back the initial pre-order and release dates to meet demand. Luckily, it seems that Motorola is holding to their promise of a short delay, as they've announced the new availability dates for the Razr today: pre-orders will begin January 26th with phones becoming available on February 6th.

Fortunately for Motorola, the Razr will likely still release before the official announcement of Samsung's rumored Galaxy Z Flip, which is sure to offer competition. The Razr's slightly outdated specs might seem a little underwhelming for a phone launching at $1500, but the charm, novelty, and care put into the design might makeup for that.

The Razr will launch exclusively on Verizon in the US at a hefty $63 per month for 24 months. Pre-orders will be available through Verizon itself, at Walmart, and on Motorola's website on January 26th. Pre-orders have already begun in the UK, exclusively through EE at £99 per month with the included phone plan. Keep an eye out for this blast from the past starting on February 6th.