The Pixel 3a from Google rightly won our phone of the year for 2019 thanks to its dependable performance, solid build quality, and, above all, a great camera. It also packs a nostalgia-inducing retro feature called a headphone jack that some of our older readers may be familiar with. The normal price of £399 was already a great bargain, but it's now £70 off in the UK, so there's very little reason not to buy it if you're in the market for an inexpensive Android handset.

Even as the next generation of Google's affordable phone range nears release, the Pixel 3a at this price still represents fantastic value in 2020, especially when you consider the software support it will get compared with other similarly priced phones. Both the 5.6-inch Pixel 3a and 6-inch 3a XL come in black, white, or purple with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. You can get them for cheap in the UK from the following retailers.

These prices match the deals we saw during the Black Friday sales period. They run until February 18, so you've got plenty of time to decide if you're on the fence.