YouTube TV is one of several popular ways to get your cable TV fix without dealing with all those other cable TV inconveniences, though platform support has always been a limiting factor. Today the PS4 picks up compatibility with Google's service, allowing those that enjoy Sony's exclusive games to also enjoy their streaming cable programming courtesy of YouTube — all just a mere two years after the Xbox One got it.

Google has already published its free YouTube TV app to the PlayStation Store, available here, that you can download and install on your PS4. It's a bit chunky, clocking in at 142 MB, and you should keep in mind that although the app is free, YouTube TV isn't. With the app, you should have all the same access you expect, including the ability to watch your cloud DVR recordings. A controller might not be the ideal input device, but it saves you switching inputs to a Chromecast or Roku (assuming you've got one).

It may not have been particularly prompt on Google's part, but PlayStation 4 owners can now enjoy YouTube TV from their consoles, too.