Wine has been giving users of Unix-like platforms access to Windows software for many, many years. The open source project just added support for Android back in 2018 with the v3.0 update and continued that with Wine v4.0 last year. Now, Wine v5.0 is available on multiple platforms including Android.

This version of Wine includes some nice functionality improvements. You can run multiple monitors in Wine, and there's support for the new-ish Vulkan 1.1 graphics API. The Wine app doesn't contain Windows or any Windows software, but it does let you load Windows applications on your device.

Wine 5.0 for Android is available for download on APK Mirror and the Wine website. There are both x86 and ARM versions available—you'll probably be using ARM, and that will limit the applications you can run. Wine is much more capable than it once was, but you'll have to do some tinkering to get anything running.