Little by little, Google Podcasts is adding essential features that any podcast player should have. From multi-selection to auto-download, dark mode, and a web interface, we've seen small but significant improvements in the service, the latest of which is an option to time stamp the episode's link before sharing it.

When you share a YouTube video, you can choose to add a time stamp to it, so that the person receiving the link doesn't have to play or scrub until they get to the part that matters for them. The same thing is now available on Google Podcasts. When you tap the share button on the episode's info page, you can choose to Share episode or Share from current time. This hasn't yet been added to the now playing interface, so you'll need to open the episode's page to see it.

If you pick the second option, the generated link contains a time stamp corresponding to your current listening position. On the recipient's end, opening that link loads the episode and scrubs right to that same position, so when they press play, they can listen to the exact segment you wanted to highlight to them.

Left: Share from current time. Right: Opening the link starts playback right where you shared.

The feature seems to be widely available for all Podcasts users. If you don't see it, make sure you're on the latest Google app version as the Podcasts app merely acts as a shortcut for the feature in Google.

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