When we reviewed the Galaxy Watch Active2, we called it the absolute best smartwatch if you're on Android. Unlike many of the watches that run Google's Wear OS, we've never noticed any slowdowns or hiccups in the Tizen software on this smartwatch. The battery life is also exceptional, easily lasting over two days. At the time, we didn't like the price tag that was heftier than its predecessor, but with this open-box discount of $80 off sticker price, this watch is certainly worth picking up.

The only version currently being discounted is the black 44mm, and it is an open-box unit so you won't get the original packaging. However, the listing states that you will get two charging docks and a power adapter  — more than you get when buying the product new, which only comes with one charging dock and does not include a power adapter at all. The eBay listing is not from Samsung, but the seller has 99.8% buyer satisfaction and is including a one year warranty, so you should feel safe in your purchase.

The deal doesn't have a listed end date, but the item is being offered only in limited quantities, so pick it up soon if you want one.

If you waited on this deal, you lucked out: the same seller is now offering open-box deals on the Galaxy Watch Active2 for $10 less than before, just $209. Follow the same link as before to nab this new-and-improved bargain.