Google's hardware division usually throws one or two fun colors in with the usual mix of black, white, and silver devices. However, the fun colors don't always launch at the same time as the boring tones. That was the case with the Pixelbook Go, which launched late last year. Now, you can finally get the "Not Pink" variant of Google's new laptop, but it's not available in the base configuration.

As you probably recall, the Pixelbook Go is Google's latest Chromebook, but it's not really a sequel to the 2017 Pixelbook. This laptop isn't a convertible, and you're stuck with a 1080p display unless you buy the top-of-the-line version. That said, we gave it an overall positive review, high price tag notwithstanding.

If the boring black Pixelbook Go isn't your thing, you can get the Not Pink model in the Core i5 or i7 configurations. That means you're looking at $849-1,399. The base $649 model is still only available in black. The Not Pink version has a very light pink top similar to the Not Pink Pixel 3. The underside is a deeper "coral" pink, which you can see above. It's a fun colorway, but maybe not ideal for everyone.