Our digital security is tremendously important. With all the information stored online, and the necessity that the internet imposes on modern life, we must keep our most important accounts secure. One of the best ways to do that is via two-factor authentication, augmenting a password with a second identity challenge. With Android being the usual subject in these parts, and a Google account being a requirement to use Android to its utmost, do you have two-factor security set up on your primary Google account?

There are a few different flavors when it comes to two-factor authentication (2FA), and not all of them are equal. Many services take the laziest and least secure route and only allow SMS-based 2FA, which is unfortunately prone to interception and very vulnerable to a targeted attack against your carrier — who will happily redirect where your phone number points with almost no security. It's also still susceptible to phishing attempts.

Other solutions include keys generated by an app like Google Authenticator or Authy, responding to a prompt sent to a phone you've already logged into, or even a dedicated hardware security key like the Google Titan keys or Yubico's products. Hardware security keys are a much more secure method because they can provide resistance to phishing attacks, but it does impose the slight inconvenience of having to carry the key around.

Here at Android Police, we think that two-factor authentication should be mandatory for all your important digital accounts, and those who are especially vulnerable to attacks should even consider Google's Advanced Protection Program, which imposes additional restrictions for further security improvements.

Now that you've heard our schpiel on the subject, we're curious if you've enabled two-factor security on your Google account — if you haven't, you really should, and here's how to turn it on. The poll can wait until you're done.

Do you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Google account?

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