If you're an Xbox Insider in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings in the US and UK, you can now start testing out Microsoft's Xbox Console Streaming service, which streams any Xbox One game to an Android device. The prerequisites for the service are a bit restrictive, but going through the steps will let you put in some Gear 5 gameplay during your work or school commute.

The Xbox Console Streaming service shouldn't be confused with Microsoft's other two streaming initiatives: the xCloud streaming service that runs off cloud computing and is similar to Google's Stadia, and the Xbox Console Companion app for Windows 10 devices that enables streaming of Xbox games to a Windows 10 PC.

The Xbox Console Streaming is an answer to the PS4 Remote Play, which is Sony's implementation for streaming PS4 games to an Android device. To get started with Xbox Console Streaming, these are the prerequisites:

  • Be an Xbox Insider in the US or UK with a console enrolled in the Alpha or Alpha-Skip-Ahead rings.
  • Xbox One games you own and have installed, including Xbox Game Pass titles (no support for Xbox and Xbox 360 games).
  • An Android phone or tablet running Android 6 or higher, with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • A Bluetooth Xbox One Wireless controller.
  • The Xbox Game Streaming app from the Play Store.

With that out of the way, the next thing to do is to launch the Xbox Game Streaming app and go through a diagnosis routine, whereby the suitability of your home network, console, and controller will be assessed.

The diagnosis discovered a problem with a power setting of the Xbox One.

For optimal experience, Microsoft recommends a 9 Mbps upstream speed with latency below 60 ms.

The company says expansion to additional Insider rings and regions are forthcoming. Testers are encouraged to share their feedback and provide suggestions at the Xbox Insider Subreddit.

Xbox's console streaming preview is going global starting today. That means all users that sign up to be an Xbox Insider (see the steps above) will be able to stream their downloaded games directly from their Xbox One to their Android smartphone or tablet. In addition to this expansion, Microsoft teased that all testers will soon be treated to an Xbox Console Streaming Preview software update, though the tech giant didn't elaborate on what the new version will offer.