Despite getting lots of extra features, G Suite users often feel like they've drawn the short end of the stick when it comes to any of Google's general consumer-facing options and services. Over the past year alone, we've seen G Suite users get shafted with code redeeming and app reviews on the Play Store, Stadia access, and several Assistant features like reminders, messages, and the new UI. Here's one more to add to the list of inaccessible features: Google Duo.

Until yesterday, everything was fine for Duo users with a G Suite account. They had their email address linked to the video calling service and could easily sign in and authenticate on multiple devices. Then they received a notification telling them they were logged out and needed to log in again in Duo. Whenever they attempt that, they get this error message stating that Duo can't be used with their account and advising them to choose a different account or contact their system admin.

G Suite user hell: Chapter 135.

This happened to our tipster, but we also found another complaint on Google's support forum and we verified it on our end: the same error popped up. We've also checked for a Duo option in the admin console and found none on either free (legacy) G Suite accounts or new paid ones. So there's no way around this limitation.

It's disheartening to see Google establish more and more virtual walls around G Suite without prior warning or clear communication. Things that work one day can be completely disabled the next, and no one knows why it happens or when/if it'll be fixed. This is alarming for paid users who see access to features taken away from them. It's also another kick for legacy free users who are stuck with G Suite after signing up for an account because Google once said it was excellent for personal and family matters, but have since seen it backtrack and not offer a single way to migrate to a regular Gmail account. If you're in that mess, it's high time you resign yourself to getting a new personal Gmail address and having to manage two accounts.

Working again

Several users have told us that Duo is working again with their G Suite account today. We verified this on our end as well. Hopefully, this was a temporary one-day bug and things are back to normal for good.

  • Thanks:
  • Alan Cramer,
  • Samarth Verma