If you're unfamiliar with If This Then That, more commonly known as IFTTT, it's one of the best ways to automatize tasks and connect online services and smart home devices with each other. Even though many products can already intercommunicate, IFTTT lets you customize this and integrate personal triggers, without going through complex integration processes. The platform is constantly updated to support new applets, but also removes a few ones. Since our coverage in October, there have been a few changes we've listed below:

Let's begin with the 12 new services that have made their way onto the platform:

  • AL-KO Smart Garden: Link your AL-KO Smart Garden to weather or location services
  • Alpaca: Trade stocks more conveniently with a direct connection to your smart speaker
  • Apilio: Apilio is a virtual controller for home automation, which you can now take to the next level with IFTTT integration
  • Aquarea Smart Cloud: Control and monitor your Panasonic Aquarea heat pump
  • Arnoo: Connect Arnoo's IoT devices and modules to other services with IFTTT
  • ATLANTIC Cozytouch: Let your Atlantic heater interact with third-party solutions
  • Livisi Home: Use LIVISI Home States within IFTTT with services such as Google Calendar and Location.
  • Niko Home Control: Interact with Niko Home Control automation solutions using services such as Hue and FIBARO.
  • Nuki Opener: Connect your smart intercom with other services
  • SAUTER Cozytouch: Let your Sauter heater interact with third-party solutions
  • THERMOR Cozytouch: Let your Thermor heater interact with third-party solutions
  • TMT Chow: If you use the automation app on your phone, you'll be happy to know it can now communicate with a much wider range of devices through IFTTT.

Unfortunately, the below 11 have been removed and are no longer supported:

  • Albertheijn
  • Base
  • Brainium
  • Bright
  • Dash
  • Homeboy
  • Innogy
  • Message Bird
  • Motion Blinds
  • Ooler
  • Skreens

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+