Yahoo was an internet heavyweight during the early years of the internet—before Google, of course. Today, Yahoo is a shell of its former self as a subsidiary of Verizon with no real search product of its own. It's trying to build one, though. The company's new One Search is available on the web and via an Android app. It's just Bing with some added features, but Yahoo promises it's really secure.

The One Search website is part search engine and part sales pitch. There's a search bar at the top, and below that you get a list of reasons why One Search is (supposedly) awesome. That includes no cookies, no ad tracking, and no retained search history. It even encrypts your search terms in transit if you leave the "Advanced Privacy Mode" enabled. Actually, I'm not sure why this is such a prominent toggle. Is there a situation in which you wouldn't want that?

You have scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the One Search service is powered by Microsoft's Bing. The results should be the same, but you don't get the Microsoft service integration or history that you would on the Bing site. I don't know if One Search is worth using, but now you know it exists.

Yahoo OneSearch
Yahoo OneSearch
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free