Google has no shortage of irons in the fire when it comes to e-commerce. The company has consistently added new retail partners to its Shopping (formerly Google Express) app and just acquired a company whose technology allows local businesses to display their inventories with Google search directly. Now, Google has announced upcoming changes that will enable users to browse and compare clothes from multiple retailers with a single Google search.

To see the new features in action once they go live, users merely need to search for the type of clothing they're interested in, and a new "Popular products' section containing clothing, shoes, and accessories from a variety of retailers will appear alongside other search results. As you would expect from a company known for its search engine chops, Google has included tools to filter results by style, department, and size. Once you've narrowed things down, links will be available to buy the product from your retailer of choice.

Google is making these services available to retailers for free as an extension of its standard web indexing efforts and has provided support documentation and styling tips to help companies ensure their products are correctly displayed. The new clothing-centric features don't seem to be live just yet, and Google's announcement post doesn't give a timeline as to exactly when we should expect them to roll out.