Google Search has grown from being a dull list of color-changing links to a more interactive tool with a modern design. Over the past few weeks, Search stepped up to become your how-to guide, watchlist manager, and even a widget to track your packages. To maintain that flow and make the results page visually appealing, Google is now adding website favicons against each result for desktop searches.

Left: Old UI without favicons, Right: Refreshed UI with favicons

The design tweak giving prominence to website branding went live first for the mobile interface back in May. Its desktop implementation hasn’t changed all that much and follows the same general idea. The simplified URL element now sits above each post title beside the favicon. The ad result at the top has also shed its green color in favor of a bolder “Ad” label in black. These changes may seem subtle, but they should help you quickly identify and click the site link that you’re looking for or generally prefer.

It appears that Google is gradually rolling out the redesigned Search results page for desktop users since several of our staff members haven’t got it yet. Publishers can head to this handy guide from Google to get their website favicons included on the Search page.