Signal is the messaging app of choice for the privacy-conscious. Offering full encryption using its own protocol, Signal provides confidence and peace of mind in the online world. But security comes at a cost, and until now, it's been difficult to manage all the encrypted files from different messages stored on your phone. With the help of its new storage manager, Signal wants to change that.

In its latest blog post, Signal outlines how its goal is to give users control over the data stored on their device without compromising on privacy. Signal includes a new graphic depicting what's currently taking up space. It's split between photos, videos, files, audio and miscellaneous. This chart gives a good indication of how your storage is being utilized and what files to delete first.

Individual files shown with size information.

Because the new tool is a part of the app itself, it can read the Signal directory and see what each file is. Now you can see which videos or photos are taking up large amounts of space and delete the ones you no longer need.

The feature should be live in the latest stable version, available now through both the Play Store and APK Mirror.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger