While Jaybird was one of the first manufacturers to embrace the concept of Bluetooth earbuds, its early models were limited by tethering cables or increasingly dated designs due to slow uptake of newer features like USB Type-C in its products. However, the company addressed many of the issues levied against previous models with the launch of the Vista true wireless earbuds, which are currently available for $160 after a $20 discount from Amazon and Best Buy.

In our review, we commended these earbuds for their excellent fit and IPX7 waterproofing that come together to create an exceptional outdoor workout companion, rain, or shine. With their exceedingly lightweight design and seamless pairing, these earbuds are, first and foremost, designed with workouts in mind. While the inclusion of USB Type-C is undoubtedly an improvement, those who aren't looking for a pair of earbuds specifically for running may find the lack of wireless charging, button-based interface, and higher-than-average price slightly harder to swallow.

Follow either of the links below to grab a pair from your retailer of choice. Considering that both sellers have already factored the sale into their pricing, there is no coupon code necessary. Since we reviewed these earbuds back in September, they haven't been on the recipient of many discounts, so interested buyers may want to act quickly.