Google's Pixel phones have never suffered from a shortage of discounts, considering that they consistently go on sale in the weeks and months following release. Today, Best Buy is offering a $150 discount on either the standard or XL version of our 2019 Reader's Choice Smartphone of the Year in Just Black with the additional bonus of a complimentary $200 digital gift card delivered after the purchase.

Pixel devices consistently come out as a top choice among our readers and staff for a variety of reasons; uncluttered software, typically quick updates, some of the best cameras on the market, and early access to the latest Google services and features. The Pixel 4 is no exception, as it delivers on many of the strengths of previous Pixels while introducing features such as biometric face-unlocking and radar-based gesture support. Make sure to check out our review for a full breakdown of what you can expect from the latest generation of Google flagships.

While this may not be the steepest discount currently offered on these phones, the inclusion of a sizeable gift card could tempt those still looking to cross a thing or two off their wish lists. This particular deal is limited to black, unlocked variants of either the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL with 64GB of storage. Just make sure the listing for your selected SKU includes mention of a free item with purchase (as pictured above), and Best Buy will provide a $200 gift card via e-mail once your order is complete.

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