Google Podcasts is still lagging behind competing podcast players, but at least the developers are working on bringing the app on par with Google's other products. It has received the new account switcher and swipe gesture that's been showing up across the company's Android applications.

The swipe gesture in action.

The new account switcher replaces the three-dot overflow menu of old that used to give you quick access to the app settings. Swiping on it prompts an instant switch to other Google accounts you're signed in to. Tapping it opens a sheet with account management options, including an incognito "Use without an account" entry. Below these, you can edit your podcasts and jump into the app's settings. As seen in other Google apps, a colored ring around your avatar will show up if you're a Google One subscriber.

Left: Previous layout. Middle & Right: The new account icon and menu in action.

While I don't think many people use multiple Google accounts for podcasts, it's still great that Google is unifying its approach to account management and app settings across Android. Let's hope the company sticks with this design before it quickly jumps to the next solution.

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