Google Pixel phones have never had the best price retention, and the same is true for the Pixel 4: The flagship was heavily discounted during the holidays. If you missed out on these deals or if the prices were still too steep for you back then, this new Amazon discount might come in handy: You can get the 64GB versions of the Pixel 4 for $571 and the white Pixel 4 XL for $613. That's an all-time low saving you $228 and $285, respectively.

While we love to complain about the Pixel phones, they still represent Google's vision for Android and are our readers' most beloved handset from 2019. That's because they are capable devices with many unique features like biometric face unlock, radar-based hands-free gestures, and one of the best camera experiences on the smartphone market. True, the battery could be bigger (particularly the one in the smaller model), but the phones should still last you a regular day of not-too-heavy usage. Take a look at our review for the complete picture.

Head to Amazon to catch this discount. We don't know how long the deal will last, so if you've been planning to get a 64GB Pixel 4, you should act fast. The 128GB models and the orange versions are unfortunately not on sale, and the black Pixel 4 XL sees a smaller discount than its white counterpart as it still costs $661.

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