When Amazon launched its smart lock, it had the brilliant idea of coupling it with an option to let delivery people in to drop your packages when you're not home. Although it's a convenient approach, it's not necessarily reassuring to let strangers in. Yale came up with a solution to this problem, with the announcement of its smart delivery boxes. In addition, it also unveiled a connected cabinet lock and a safe, letting you secure items using your phone.

All these products are controlled using a mobile app and connect to the Internet through the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. You'll get to remotely lock and unlock them, as well as share access with other people. The app will let you review the access history, and will also notify you when the lock is opened or when the battery is running low. The three devices can also be paired with a Yale Keypad, letting you unlock them with a code entry in case your phone is out of reach.

Smart Delivery Box

The smart delivery box, as its name suggests, lets you receive packages when you're not home. It can be placed on front porches, in front of garages, or anywhere it's convenient. To avoid theft, it can be weighted down with sand or tethered to the porch. Thanks to the optional cooler bag, it can even protect perishables deliveries, such as food or medicine.

Smart Cabinet Lock

The smart cabinet lock is an ingenious invention, as it's designed to work with existing cabinets or drawers. The lock body can be mounted inside the cabinet using the included 3M adhesive tape or with screws. It's a convenient way to secure your belongings when you're away, but also to grant access to people when needed. A good example can be to prevent children from accessing detergent but giving access to the cleaning crew when you're not home.

Smart Safe

The third product that Yale announced is a smart safe. It can be placed anywhere, with the option to mount it to the floor or wall for added security. The safe includes a removable shelf and a physical key. It's powered by four AA batteries that are housed inside the safe. If the batteries run out, there's an option to temporarily use a 9V battery to unlock the safe and replace the batteries inside.


These new smart storage products will launch in spring 2020. Below are their prices:

  • Smart Delivery Box
    • $229 standalone
    • $279 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
    • $299 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and Cooler Bag
  • Smart Cabinet Lock
    • $79 standalone
    • $129 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
  • Smart Safe
    • $229 standalone
    • $279 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge