Flash games might be set to finally die in 2020 when Google kills its last support for Adobe's aging plugin, but that doesn't mean that Chrome is losing its sense of fun. A new Game of the Day card has been spotted in testing on the developer channel release of Chrome for Android, providing a regularly-changing shortcut to play Google-made casual games online. The titles appear to be from those built into Google's previous doodles, sites, and services.

The new card appears in the "Articles for you" Discover/Feed-like section on the new tab/homepage screen for some on recent Dev channel releases of Chrome for Android, visible just below.

Game of the Day cards for the last three days.

Cards are labeled with a game's title, an image preview of the game, what we assume is the name of the developer (Google in all observed cases so far), and a "Play now" button that takes you, as you'd probably expect, to the game. Today's example is Tic Tac Toe, but prior games have included Minesweeper and a title called Ghost Rush from a 2018 Halloween Doodle.

Sadly, there isn't a centralized list of Google-made browser games we can find that might include future titles, though you can search for games in Search with terms like "Play Tic Tac Toe" to see those that have already appeared, and a pop-out menu includes some others we might anticipate in the future, like PAC-MAN and Solitaire, though it doesn't include any previous Doodle-based games.

It could be unrelated, but Google's been working on some sort of games hub under the codename "joy" for a while. This new Game of the Day card could connect to that effort in some way.

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