Alpine has returned to CES to expand the breadth (and width, and height) of its Halo line of Android Auto-compatible, digital head units. Expanding on its previous 9-inch models, the iLX-F411 features a massive 11-inch screen — seems pretty wild, but luckily the Halo line features a Tesla-like "floating" display and installs via a single DIN slot to save dash real-estate.

The iLX-F411's huge, capacitive display extends out from your dash and has an adjustable height, depth, and angle. Unfortunately, despite being 49% larger than its 9-inch predecessors, the screen retains their WVGA resolution. The unit features a customizable UI, with three home screen pages and up to 22 app widgets. You'll also be able to set custom backgrounds to further personalize your experience.

Alpine's new head unit will support both Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay to provide for hands-free calling and audio streaming from your chosen device. If you're still on the satellite radio train you'll be able to access Sirius through the iLX-F411, and if you're concerned about audio quality you can play most popular codecs through the USB port. The iLX-F411 is scheduled to release this June at an MSRP of $1,200. A full spec list can be found at Alpine's website here.