Virgin Mobile is one of the smallest network carriers in the United States. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint, the MVNO has been on the decline for years, and now the brand is set to cease operation as early as next month.

Virgin began to notify its customers earlier this week that they will be moved to Boost Mobile, the other MVNO owned by Sprint, which is being sold to Dish. "Beginning on the week of Feb. 2, we will be moving Virgin Mobile customer accounts to our sister brand Boost Mobile," a spokesperson told Gizmodo, "consolidating the brands under one cohesive, efficient and effective prepaid team."

Virgin Mobile USA (one of many carriers using the brand name across the world) has been on the decline for years. It stopped selling Android devices in 2017 after introducing its 'Inner Circle' unlimited plan, then reversed course in 2018. That same year, Virgin laid off nearly two-thirds of its workforce (though 1/3 of those were transferred to Boost) and ended its partnership with Target. Best Buy and Walmart dropped the brand in 2019.