Smart home security cameras are great, but having a home full of surveillance gear starts looking creepy, fast. Panasonic has come up with a new idea to help hide cameras in plain sight, as it opens crowdfunding for the HomeHawk Floor: Camera and Ambient Light. This two-in-one camera and light debuted at CES 2019 and is now available for early adopters through Indiegogo until February 22.

Panasonic's HomeHawk Floor aims to change the way you think of cameras in your home. Instead of a heavy, clunky piece of tech that has to be attached to a wall or surface, you get a sleek, free-standing lamp that does the job.

Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR stands unobtrusively in a furnished living room.

To get started with the HomeHawk Floor all you need to do is plug it in; no wires or account sign-ins are necessary. The lamp features a 90-minute battery backup in case your house loses power, full-color night mode, 1080p HD recording, and a 140-degree wide angle lens to capture everything going on in the room where the camera is set up. It even pairs with major voice assistants and lets you easily turn the camera on and off when you need some privacy.

The Indiegogo campaign will run for a month, and then the first deliveries of this lamp are expected to begin arriving in mid-May. If you adopt early you can snag HomeHawk Floor for $185, and when it officially launches Panasonic is putting a $279 price tag on it.

If you've been eagerly waiting since CES 2019 to get your mitts on one of these goofy surveillance lamps, your time has come. The HomeHawk Floor Lamp is now available at Amazon and B8ta for $249.95.