Chrome notifications, while useful for a handful of things such as messaging, are generally just an annoyance — the pop-ups requesting permission to send them are grating in the extreme, and the answer is almost always "no." Google, evidently aware of this, has been flirting with hiding them automatically for a while now, and in Chrome 80, that'll be the default behavior for most users.

For "users who infrequently accept notifications" — so everybody, basically — notification prompts will be much less intrusive. On desktop, a bell icon, struck through, will appear on the right side of the omnibar to indicate notifications are being blocked. Clicking the icon will reveal the option to enable them. On mobile, it'll instead be a banner at the bottom of the screen. Masochists who currently accept requests willy-nilly will continue to see them as normal, except for sites with "very low acceptance rates" — they'll be muted by default for everyone.

Starting in Chrome 80, the setting will be togglable in the browser's settings under Notifications. "Quiet" notification prompts are also available now as an experiment in Chrome 79; to try them out, navigate to chrome://flags/#quiet-notification-prompts and flick the switch to Enabled.