Hisense has introduced its 2020 high-end TV lineup during CES, but among the more regular products, the company has also announced a $5,999 short-throw laser projector running Android TV. The device is capable of outputting a 4K 100-inch image and has embedded 30W speakers with dbx-tv support.

Despite the big image it projects, the so-called L5 Laser TV should be more efficient than regular TVs its size thanks to the energy-efficient lasers it relies on. Hisense also touts that the projector is able to display more colors compared to other 4K screens. The laser technology should additionally help create detailed and sharp images regardless of ambient light thanks to an "easy-to-install" screen. The company hasn't specified which version of Android TV the projector will run, but regardless of which, it should have access to all the apps available on the platform.

The projector will be available for purchase in April, starting at $5,999. Compared to classic TV sets exceeding 90 inches of screen diagonals, that price seems almost humane.