Your options for stylus input on Android are limited to clunky capacitive wands and the S Pen on a handful of Samsung devices. If you don't mind adding an external display and a bunch of cables, Wacom has another option. The company's new $400 Wacom One drawing tablet is its cheapest yet, and it's the first to have Android support.

For many digital artists, Wacom tablets are the gold standard even in a world where the iPad and Apple Pencil exist. The Wacom One has a 13-inch 1080p display with a matte layer that feels more like paper than the average glass touchscreen. However, it only covers 72% of the NTSC color profile. The Wacom One has support for Windows and macOS, of course, but this device also works with Android phones. Connecting to your various devices might be a pain, though.

The Wacom One requires HDMI for video, USB for data, and a separate power cable. The result is the rather ridiculous image above—you will have to live the dongle life to use the Wacom One on Android or a newer laptop that only has USB-C. Putting USB-C on the tablet could have cut down the cable mess, but this is admittedly cheap for a Wacom tablet. Keep in mind, it acts as a secondary display for your connected device, so your Android phone needs to have the necessary support. You can pick up a Wacom One right now for $400 on Wacom's site as well as from Amazon, Best Buy, and others.