Last year at CES 2019, Scosche announced the MagicMount Charge3, a car mount that hooks into your car's air vent to keep a phone locked steadily in place. Unlike similar products, the MagicMount was designed so neither the mount or the phone would obstruct airflow from the vents, plus it supported wireless charging for your phone. This may sound like the holy grail of car mounts, but this year Scosche added the one thing that was obviously missing: an air freshener.

The new Freshe mounts will feature a slot for an air freshener cartridge positioned next to the air vent. You'll be able to get your choice of scent and keep your phone out of the way, all without interfering with air flow. Scosche will be launching 6 models with assorted phone mounting styles (e.g. magnetic and universal clamps) and some with wireless charging.

The cartridges are replaceable and will be available in a variety of scents, including the always popular "new car scent." However, the design appears to be unique to Scosche, and as you might have guessed, a subscription service called Fresche Club will also be available if you would like to receive regular shipments. A full list of scents and pricing aren't available yet.

The un-powered MagicMount Fresche will be available March 2020 with a starting price of $19.99. If you can wait a little longer, models with Qi wireless charging are expected to launch June 2020 and start at $54.95.

Press Release

LAS VEGAS – (Jan. 7, 2020) SCOSCHE – (pronounced skōsh/skohsh) Industries, innovators of award winning consumer technology and accessories introduce Fresche, a new line of mounts designed for drivers who like a safe, uncluttered and fresh-smelling vehicle.

Most states now have hands-free driving laws, so a stable and reliable phone mount is a necessity. Many drivers also enjoy having a clean fresh-smelling vehicle. We found an elegant solution to fulfill both of those needs. Fresche is a range of vent mounts, with a selection of different mounting heads, including magnetic, universal mount, and fast wireless charging. Fresche mounts not only securely hold your phone, but also hold an air freshener cartridge that uses the airflow from your vehicle’s vent to release fragrance throughout your vehicle.

The MagicMount Fresche utilizes Scosche’s patent pending FreeFlow vent mount design that has an open circular design and an articulated swing-arm. This arm lets you move your phone away from the vent in any direction, while the base remains securely anchored there. The FreeFlow design proved to be the perfect vehicle for housing an air freshener cartridge and harnessing the airflow to disperse the scent. Fresche mounts incorporate all of the features of Scosche’s multi-award-winning, tried and trusted MagicMount line. All Fresche mount models use the same replaceable air freshener cartridges that are available in a variety of scents, including “New Car Scent”. The Fresche range of mounts also features non-magnetic, universal mounts (shown right).

We know that many Scosche customers are true car enthusiasts who like to drive a clean fresh vehicle, so we’re forming a Fresche refill subscription service. Members of this Fresche Club will be confident that “smelling good” is a constant attribute of their vehicles. MagicMount Fresche vent mounts will be available March 2020, starting at an MSRP of $19.99. Qi Wireless Charging Fresche mounts will be available June 2020 starting at an MSRP of $54.95.