Lifx has just announced five new products that join the company's burgeoning ranks of smart lighting gadgets. The additions include a new Edison bulb-style filament smart light, a minimalist 4-way smart switch, and new kits to add backlighting to your TV or monitor. A redesigned Lifx app is also in the works.

Lifx Filament White LED

The new filament bulbs (pictured at top), are similar to the ones Philips introduced earlier this year, though these appear to be a little less curly when it comes to the illuminated filaments inside. The Lifx Filament White will come in a handful of glass finishes and, eventually, different shapes. However, they come in just one warm white color temperature (2,700K) and will arrive later this spring for $30.

Lifx Switch

The new Lifx Switch replaces existing in-wall switches, offers four controls, and works with both "dumb" and smart lights in your home, bringing them the same sort of integration you might get from a smart outlet, plus centralized control. Physically, it provides a minimal, illuminated surface with haptic touch feedback. The Lifx Switch will require professional installation, and it'll run $120 when it lands later this March, but you can pre-order it now for a discount at just $100 in both White and Black finishes.

Lifx X TV 360 and X Gamer Kit

Two new smart lighting strip kits will also be landing later this spring. The Lifx Z TV 360 Lightstrip Kit and Lifx Z Gamer Kit sound like the same thing in two different "sizes," which work with both TVs and computer monitors to provide them with snazzy-looking, smart-controlled, backlit ambiance. The kits will each include four Z LED strips and 90-degree connectors to make them all work together. Prices will run $100 for the bigger TV 360 kit, and $60 for the smaller Gamer one.

Lifx Candle White to Warm LED

A new candelabra-style Candle White to Warm bulb was also announced similar to the existing Candle Color, but this time in white with a tunable white point. It'll run $30 when it lands.

Lifx app redesign

A redesigned app that includes a new "Dashboard" view, scheduling, more automation tools, and device grouping is also in the works. We haven't had a chance to see it for ourselves yet, but it looks like a pretty substantial redesign, with lots of new features.

The iOS version is reportedly set to arrive next week, so hopefully an Android version lands soon, too.