With people losing trust in some of their security solutions, it's been nice to see new options crop up at CES this year. Home security conglomerate Hampton already announced a series of new smart locks this week, but it wasn't done there — coming to the company's Array line are a new video doorbell and garage door opener.

The new doorbell seems like pretty standard fare — it offers video, as well as two-way audio through the Array app. Hampton does claim, though, that tech developed for their system will allow for lower-latency video than competitors' doorbells. The Array by Hampton garage door opener uses geofencing to control your garage door based on the location of your vehicle. You'll also be able to control and monitor your garage door via the Array app.

Left: Array By Hampton's video doorbell. Right: Your garage door motor plugs directly into Hampton's opener.

All of Hampton's Array products can be controlled from the single-app ecosystem or via Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or Apple Widget. The new video doorbell and garage door opener should be available in spring of this year. So, keep an eye out if you're looking for new smart home security solutions.