Fossil Group has a lot to talk about at CES 2020: there's new wild-looking Diesel smartwatch, as well as the third-generation Skagen Falster. If you've had your eye on some of Fossil's existing watches, you'll be glad to hear they are now available in more styles.

Fossil Gen 5

First up is the Fossil Gen 5, one of the best Wear OS smartwatches currently available. Six new styles are being introduced across two models — the Garret (men's watch with a larger casing) and the Julianna (women's watch). The existing men's Carlyle design will continue to be available.

Fossil Gen 5 Garrett

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna (new styles only)

Fossil didn't provide us with exact pricing information for the new styles, but they'll likely be around the $295 MSRP of the original Gen 5 models.

Fossil Sport

I would have loved to see an updated Fossil Sport with the same 1GB RAM/8GB storage that made the Gen 5 an excellent watch, but it seems Fossil is content to keep the existing Sport as a budget alternative to the Gen 5.

You can now get the (laggy) Sport in rose gold, mint green, bright yellow, and other eye-catching colors. I'll admit, I really want the mint style. Again, no exact pricing information right now, but other Sport colors currently go for around $150.

Hybrid HR

Fossil's latest attempt at a hybrid smartwatch was off to a rough start, but after a few updates, it's now a good alternative to a Wear OS or Samsung wearable if you only need the basics. Fossil is introducing four more variations at CES, which look similar to the new styles for the Gen 5.

The Hybrid HR's software could still use a bit more work, but I'm glad to see Fossil continuing to invest in the watch. The new models will likely be priced in the same $195-215 range as the existing styles.