Lenovo doesn't have any new Assistant smart displays to show off at CES this year, but there are some displays with smarts. The company has unveiled a new version of its Assistant Ambient Mode tablet, the Smart Tab M10. Plus, there's a gigantic photo frame. That's what you've always wanted, right?

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus 2nd Gen has a mouthful of a name, but the use case is pretty simple. It's a full-features Android tablet with a 10.3-inch 1080p display and a MediaTek brain. When you drop it into the included smart dock, it fires up Assistant Ambient Mode to become a smart display. Lenovo plans to launch the M10 this year (it doesn't say exactly when) for $189.

Lenovo's other new smart home display is a bit more out there. The Lenovo Smart Frame is supposed to look like a picture frame (there are three of them in the image above), but it's actually a giant 21.5-inch screen on your wall. You can mount it vertically or horizontally, and the "snap-on mounting system" allegedly helps hide the power cable. The Smart Frame uses an unspecified AI to curate your images to show on the display, and the free Smart Frame app also has hundreds of pieces of art you can use. This device will launch in August 2020 for $399.