The Pixel Slate may not be the most beloved Chrome OS device out there, but when prices plummeted during Black Friday last year, a lot of people still decided to give Google's tablet/laptop hybrid a go. Unfortunately, it looks like not only the device itself is a beautiful mess, but its distribution is subpar as well, as many are still waiting for their discounted Slate to ship more than a month after purchasing it. They might finally receive their order this month though, judging from an email Google sent to a Redditor.

A tipster has reached out to us to tell us that they've ordered the Pixel Slate back during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts only to not have it shipped to this day. Contacting Google Support just led to the same boilerplate answer over and over: "Your case has been escalated and we will contact you within 24-48 hours." In Reddit threads, it becomes clear that multiple people are affected. Some credit cards have apparently even already been charged. The shipping date keeps changing for some customers who say that their Slates were originally supposed to arrive around December 5.

It looks like a solution to the problem could be in the works at Google, as one customer shared an email they've received following delay after delay, complete with a mid-January shipping date and $50 appeasement rebate:

We regret that we are unable to send out your Pixel Slate order. The demand for this popular item has exceeded our expectations and we’re currently experiencing issues with inventory. Though we will be able to make the delivery, it would take us some time to correct the issue and replenish our stocks. We’ll be able to send out the device by mid-January. A separate email has been sent out to you regarding this along with a $50 appeasement.

Please advise us whether you’re willing to wait for this order or if you want to cancel your order instead. We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. We hope for your patience and continued patronage.

Meanwhile, people who have taken advantage of the post-Christmas discounts on the Slate might be in for an even longer wait as they're the last in line, though hopefully, Google will replenish stock with enough units to serve these customers, too.

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