DIY home security options abound at CES 2020, and that might be a boon, considering the bad PR some brands have been incurring. If you're on the lookout for a trusty, versatile home security solution, Abode has announced the Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera.

Abode's new camera is its first model to work freely of a Gateway or Iota hub, though it can be integrated into your existing Abode system. Outside, it can be wall-mounted to be used as a standard security camera, or it can be mounted above your doorbell with the included components. Indoors, the camera can also be placed on a wall, or it can sit on a shelf if you prefer a more subtle look for your security solutions.

Facial recognition profiles can be set up for authorized visitors, alerting you when someone you know is at your door or in your home. Over time, the device will become better at recognizing the individuals you've given profiles to, so you'll know whether your dog walker is at your house while you're at work, as opposed to a random stranger. For anyone wary, the facial recognition is opt-in and can be easily disabled.

Left: The Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera, wall-mounted. Right: Identifying a visitor with a facial recognition profile.

Aside from the versatility and facial recognition, the camera will shoot at 1080p with a 152° field of view and will feature two-way voice capability. Abode's Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera is on display at CES and is due to be released Q1 of 2020 for an estimated $199.