There was once a time when the G series represented the best hardware LG had to offer. However, as the company struggles to turn a profit in the smartphone market, the former Nexus partner has fallen far from the warm embrace of relevancy. Proof positive: these 360-degree renders of the upcoming LG G9 show a device that's in desperate need of revitalization.

At a quick glance, the LG G9 appears familiar, and not necessarily in a good way. Its rear panel has an uncanny resemblance to the LG V50 ThinQ from last spring while the front is a spitting image of the G8X. In a word, its design is "uninspiring" for a high-end phone, and a closer look doesn't reveal a lot to be desired.

Our source confirms that the device dimensions will be 169.4 x 77.6 x 8.8mm (9.4mm if you add the rear camera bump). The display is suspected to run between 6.7" and 6.9" across the diagonal, though this is merely speculation based on the phone's size. The U-shaped camera notch from the G8X makes a return on the G9, along with the in-screen fingerprint reader. The power button can be found on the right edge of the phone while the volume rocker occupies the left side. Along the bottom edge is a speaker, USB-C charging port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for those less “courageous” users.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature on the LG G9 is its horizontal camera array that houses four lenses and an LED flash. There are currently no details as to which sensors the device will be packing, but it's nice to see LG stepping up its lens count, even as Samsung prepares to dominate here. No other specs, such as processing power, storage options, or memory have been revealed at this time.