Triniti Interactive Studios is celebrating its 10th anniversary by re-releasing a handful of its older titles sans any in-app purchases. The studio has also removed any costs to its IAPs from many of its existing titles as well, though fans have pointed out that players can no longer go online in these games since all multiplayer aspects have been removed, most likely to keep costs down. Still, it's nice to see a mobile studio giving back for once by re-releasing a handful of older titles for free.

Thanks to a recent Facebook post by Triniti Interactive, we know that the studio is celebrating its 10th anniversary by bringing back many of its games to the Play Store minus any in-app purchases. As I mentioned in the head, the removal of any cost to these IAPs also means all multiplayer aspects in these titles are now gone, since I doubt the studio wants to pay for servers for what are essentially dead games from years ago. So if you're interested to see what titles have returned, and which existing games no longer contain purchasable IAPs, I've pasted the full list of participating Android titles below.

So there you have it. If you were ever a fan of Triniti Interactive's mobile games, many have returned to the Play Store and are completely free to play, along with a few existing titles that have also had their IAP prices removed. While it would seem the focus of this anniversary event is for iOS titles, since there are a few missing games on the Play Store when compared to the full list of titles offered on the official Facebook post, it's still nice to see the return of many older mobile games so that they won't be lost to time.