The Pixel 4a rumor mill is picking up some current after last week's OnLeaks renderpalooza. YouTuber Dave Lee, also known as Dave2D, has posted unattributed claims about the upcoming series of budget phones — including word that the 4a may not even be a series, but a singular model.

While we note that Dave Lee is a well-respected computer reviewer with over 2.5 million subscribers as of today, we should also point out that he isn't in the habit of sharing what he calls "juice" on products that have yet to be announced. You may want to take his track record, or lack thereof, into account.

Lee's source believes that the Pixel 4a will only come in one size, which Lee reasons is possible based on his assertion that the smaller Pixel 3a model has outsold its XL companion based mostly on their $80 price difference alone. This would be the first Pixel series to not come in two sizes if this claim comes true.

As it stands, the 4a would be smaller overall than the 3a with dimensions of 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2mm plus a camera hump of 9mm. It would pack a larger screen, though. Lee gives a 5.81" 1080p specification, more specific than OnLeaks's range between 5.7" and 5.8" and right in between the Pixel 3a's 5.6" panel and the Pixel 3a XL's 6" screen.

He also posits the 4a's colorways, which have always put the body paint together with a differently-accented power button. This year, he says, will see black with green, white with coral — in keeping with the Pixel 4's primary aesthetic motif — and, for the wild card option, an "arctic blue" with "hot pink" combo. His own rendering of that last couplet draws on maximum contrast to give it an attractive punch to the eye. Whether Google goes heavy on those hues or others is still up in the air.

The rest of the details shouldn't come as a surprise one way or another: there's a fingerprint sensor on the back along with a single rear camera — while there won't be more lenses, Lee does not elaborate on any other sensors hiding in that stove as OnLeaks hints to — no wireless charging, a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a punch hole selfie camera, all wrapped within a plastic unibody shell.

One thing that eludes everyone at this moment: pricing. We may have to wait until closer to I/O 2020 (when Google is expected to launch the 4a) to learn more. Cross your fingers that the company either keeps $399 as a baseline or does better.