Smart lighting startup Nanoleaf burst onto the scene in 2013 with a mission to create environmentally conscious smart lighting solutions. Although its first Kickstarter-backed product was an ultra-efficient LED lightbulb called the Nanoleaf One, it was the Aurora (triangular) and Canvas (square) wall-mounted lights that really made the company stand out. This year, Nanoleaf has announced plans to finally let users mix and match their favorite shapes to create unique LED designs.

Up until this point, it was impossible to use the Aurora and Canvas products in tandem, but that's about to change. A new generation of unified light panels will give users more autonomy to create their own wall-mounted smart light tapestries with any of the shapes Nanoleaf offers. This includes support for the upcoming hexagon lighting panels that are planned for release in summer 2020.

In addition to this announcement, Nanoleaf unveiled plans to expand its smart light offerings with the Learning Series color-changing smart bulbs and accessories, plus the Learning Gateway hub for third-party smart home product integration. These new projects are scheduled for launch in early 2021.