Earlier today, Kohler announced new additions to its Smart Bathroom and Home Kitchen lineup. The offerings are highlighted by the Moxie showerhead with smart speaker integration, a must-have for anyone who enjoys singing in the shower. Other products include a new touchless faucet and a water purification system.

The showerhead is a bizarre looking creation. It takes the simple design Kohler is known for and mangles it with… a removable speaker. It's not the most attractive product on the market, but consumers looking for a showerhead that also doubles as an Amazon Alexa speaker don't have many other options. The price is yet to be finalized, but the product will come in a variety of configurations. The speaker alone starts at $99 with Bluetooth connectivity, or $159 for the full Alexa experience. Either of those options pair with the showerhead for an additional $70. The Moxie speaker has a battery life of up to 7 hours, comes with a cordless charging station, and has been optimized to "overcome white noise of the shower."

Kohler also unveiled the Aquifer Refine water purification system with built in Wi-Fi connectivity, giving users the ability to monitor water usage and filter life. The system is offered with an optional leak detection system and auto-replenishment of water filters via Amazon Dart. Two other new, but less exciting, products were announced as well — the Setra touchless faucet with KOHLER Konnect, and the DTV Mode digital shower system. The faucet, beyond being touchless, allows customers to pair it with a voice assistant to dispense measured amounts of water (Update: the faucet was actually announced last year). Meanwhile, the DTV Mode shower system has the ability map specific shower/bath settings to the press of a button.