Yesterday, we covered the launch of Klipsch's prohibitively expensive $1000 McLaren true wireless earbuds, but not everyone in the audio industry is moving pricing in this direction. Budget audio company JLab has just introduced the low-cost $29 Go Air true wireless buds — for the price, they're pretty impressive.

The Bluetooth 5-equipped Go Air earbuds come with five hours of playback time on their own, and the case's built-in battery provides another 15 hours — that's not bad even compared to more expensive products. A microphone for phone calls and such is integrated in both buds. Touch controls on the back of the earpieces let you control volume, invoke the Google Assistant, change your EQ presets, and skip songs. The icing on the cake comes in the form of an IPX4 sweat resistance rating. Unfortunately, it doesn't have USB-C but relies on an integrated male USB-A plug instead.

The question remains if the earbuds will sound any good — though it's safe to assume they should be fine for gym usage, which is what JLab is advertising them for. They also don't cut many more corners than the company's previous cheapest product, the $49 JBuds Air. JLab will start selling the Go Air in March, but you can already take a look at the listing on the manufacturer's website.

This article has been updated to correct two false statements: The earbuds have touch controls, not buttons, and both have microphones built in, not only the right one.