C by GE's products are known to work well with Google Assistant — the company even sells a light bulb starter kit with a bundled Google Home Mini. This year at CES, C by GE is expanding its lineup with new switches, dimmers, and motion sensors that don't need a neutral wire nor an additional hub to work with the Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Among a collection of classic toggles and paddle switches ranging from $40 to $50, there's a more advanced $60 push button with additional dimming and motion-sensing options. C by GE also says it wants to sell "an optional accessory that eliminates bulb 'ghosting' and 'flickering' that can occur with other smart switch solutions."

You can replace your ordinary switches with the smart switches and dimmers in older houses as the new lineup doesn't rely on a neutral wire that's often missing from those. The company has also simplified installation by reducing the switches' size and making the line and load wires interchangeable. After mounting them and setting them up through the C by GE app, you can connect the switches and dimmers with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and control them via voice.

The company is additionally introducing new wire-free, battery-powered options, consisting of a motion sensor for $30 and two remotes for $23 and $25, respectively. You can use the more advanced of the two for dimming, which is not possible on the cheaper model.

All products will be available in "early 2020," so it might not take too long until they hit shelves. If you do have a neutral wire, the new switches won't work for you. You should instead check out the company's existing lineup of hubless smart switches. They're essentially the same products but require more advanced wiring.