Whether your reaction to the brand-new decade is excitement, fear, or entirely understandable anxiety, now you have one more method of expressing that emotion to others. At least, if you use Google Duo. Google's video messaging app has just added support for emoji-based reactions. 🎉

Emoji reactions to choose from.

The option appears for video messages you've received in Google Duo, with a selector expanding vertically at your tap from a button at the bottom right, and "sent" emojis appearing in an overlapping list that expands horizontally along the top. Your sent emoji is highlighted with a round outline.

Right now, it appears you get precisely eight emojis to choose from. The top seven seem to be a fixed selection, but the bottom-most varies based on reports, with some getting a Christmas tree, while others see a fireworks emoji. It's probably a seasonal selection that will vary.

Emoji reaction notification.

You can only select a single emoji to respond with; selecting another changes your response instead of adding it. When you react to a message with an emoji, it's visible and sent to all others in the video "conversation," and even the person who made the video message gets a notification.

Based on our experiences playing with the new reactions, this feature has already rolled out, though we're not sure precisely when it may have started to land. It could be tied to a recent update, or it could be controlled by a server-side flag, but either way, it should probably be available the next time you get a video message over Duo. Just in case you don't have it, you can pull down the latest release over at the Play Store.

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